with a yield of 5-15% per month

We have created a trading platform that is connected to your account on the exchange and trades with algorithmic bots and our traders according to the strategy. You choose yourself the level of risk and yield.

Cryptocurrency investment fund

Invest in cryptocurrency
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"Dante Capital platform interface"
is confirmed during 7 months of operation

Stability of our platform

На сегодняшний день суммарный депозит инвестиционных средств под управлением - $3 744 859. За 7 месяцев работы инвесторы получили $738 000 прибыли.
"Diagram of Dante Capital monthly yield"
$1 547 000
$4 944 859
Total deposit of investment funds under management
Total yield of investors for 7 months of operation

Forms of cooperation

The size of the Deposit:
from $15 000 to $200 000

90, 180, 365 days

Three standard strategies are to select

Entrance fee 5%
(no fee for withdrawal)
Trade on our account
Connect the robot to your account
The size of the Deposit:
from $100 000 to $800 000

Deposit period of 60 days

The choice of trading strategy according to your settings

Flexible terms of withdrawal of profits and capitalization

No commissions to enter and
Deposit withdrawal

You register at one of the cryptocurrency exchanges and credit the account. You do not give us your money.
In your personal account, you choose a monthly income strategy:
API Connection
The robot is connected to one or more exchanges via api and trades on your account according to the strategy chosen. You earn income

How the platform operates

You pay us a percentage of your yield at the end of the month by cryptocurrency or via a bank wire transfer.
There are 4 foundations our activities are based on

How it works

Independent electronic money existing in a distributed computer network. The price of cryptocurrency changes by 20-50% per day which allows you to receive high profits.
Trading on financial exchanges, money is earned by changing the rates. The more the price changes, the more you earn.
Exchange trading
We professionally manage clients' assets on the financial exchange using experienced traders and algorithmic robots which we create ourselves.
How does the platform make money?
60% of trading is conducted by robots. They are more reliable than a human being, always online, they provide a guaranteed growth and never allow losses.
Why do we use robots?

Learn more about cryptocurrency

Наше вознаграждение рассчитывается из прибыли, мы зарабатываем когда зарабатываете вы.
Работаем на результат
Управляем вкладом на вашем счете без прав доступа на вывод, что гарантирует дополнительную безопасность для ваших сбережений
Безопасность средств
We invite you to hold a meeting in our office. After the meeting, you will have a clear understanding of how the cryptocurrency market is organized and how to make money on it with a minimal risk or save your investment.
You will be able to monitor your investments from your phone or computer, stay updated on the current news, current indicators or withdraw funds.

Personal account and mobile app

Investor's personal account
Full access to reporting
Withdrawal of funds online
24 hours support

Investor's personal account

"Round-the-clock access to reporting on your account"
"A variety of withdrawal methods, including urgent (loss of interest)"

Choose the best strategy for your account

Conservative strategy
Monthly income of the investor:

    Possibility of a full monthly withdrawal

    The income is guaranteed by the company's reserve fund

    • Deposit amount:
    • from € 15 000
      from $ 17 000
    • Deposit for 3,6,12 months period
    Choose a strategy
    Combined strategy
    Monthly income of the investor:
      • Distribution of funds between two strategies
      • Possibility of partial monthly withdrawal of profit
      • Deposit amount:
      • from € 40 000
        from $ 50 00
      • Deposit for 3,6,12 months period
      Choose a strategy

      Calculate your income

      Additional services

      In addition to investments, our company provides other services in the blockchain area:
      We provide a wide range of services for the preparation and conduction of ICO
      ICO conduction and consulting
      We prepare our own staff to work in financial companies.
      Training of traders
      We develop software for the largest exchanges, work with partners in Europe.
      Software for exchange tradings
      Legal support of work with crypto-assets.
      Legal advice
      More details on the main site of our company, the creator of the dante-btc.ru platform dante-btc.ru

      Why are we doing this?

      We believe that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are a fundamental tool for social change. We want to stand at the origins of the upcoming changes and participate in the creation of the future.
      Founder, Commercial Director
      Radmir Zaripov
      Kyrill Borodin
      Ivan Tumanov
      Chief Analyst

      Our office address

      17 Butlerova str., Moscow
      Monday - Friday 9:00 - 18:00
      Days off - Saturday, Sunday

      Frequently asked Questions

      How is documented an interaction with you? Terms of cooperation.
      We present ourselves as a platform, an offer agreement on joining the trading platform is concluded at registration.

      The client provides API keys and authorizes the execution of trading operations.

      The client independently pays a commission in BTC once a week at a rate of 60% of the increase in funds in USDT, the further amount of the commission depends on the amount of funds.
      How to connect?
      1. Register on the exchange
      2. Configure a 2 text-based verification in the "Security" section
      3. Configure the API, generate the keys
      4. Provide us with information for concluding a contract and connecting
      5. Conclude a contract. Get access to the personal account.
      6. Get a bitcoin on the exchange and turn on the platform

      We can discuss the terms and conditions in our office in more detail, to do this, make an appointment.
      I do not understand trading, will I be able to cooperate with you?
      Of course, you will. You do not need to delve into the details of our robots operation. You will have access to a personal account in which you will monitor the yield and withdraw funds.

      At the meeting we will give you all the necessary information to understand the majority of processes in the cryptocurrency market.
      I do not have cryptocurrency, can I buy it from you?
      Yes, you can purchase officially cryptocurrency by wire transfer in our office. We can recommend the services of our partners to purchase cryptocurrency by cash.
      How will I follow what happens if I pay you money? Is it transparent?
      After connecting to the platform, you will have access to a personal account where you can monitor the profitability of your investments and the bot operation. The data is updated every hour. In addition, we have a telegram-bot where the notifications of results come at 10 am and at 10 pm.
      How risky is your strategy?
      If we trade inside the fund, we trade as safely as possible and do not make any risky deals. The goal is not an excess profit but a guaranteed profit, little by little and every day. Nevertheless, when trading on your account, we can determine any level of risk, with the possibility of earning up to 30-40%.
      How can one distinguish a fund from a pyramid?
      In pyramids there is a high interest for bringing a client - from 10%.
      Availability of the developed referral program.
      The second indicator is excess profits exceeding 50-70% or more.
      In most pyramid funds you can also enter with a small amount of $ 1000 and even $ 100.

      For comparison:
      In our fund there is no referral program.
      We do not promise profits above 15%, although there are periods with higher yields.
      And we do not work with deposits below $ 10,000.

      Our yield is confirmed by a seven-month history. If you are an expert and want to understand more, we will provide you with the history of our transactions on the stock exchange.

      Can you provide me with the history of your transactions?
      Yes. If you understand trading, we will confirm the operation of our platform by the history of transactions on the stock exchange.
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      Monday – Friday
      9:00 - 19:00 (Moscow time, UTC/GMT+3)
      Days off - Saturday, Sunday
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